The Liquidation Audit. 

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A liquidation audit is required for a variety of purposes. It is critical that each of the business' resources are reported for whenever a liquidation of the business is required, regardless of circumstances. Discovering and listing all of the Company's liabilities is just as critical. A liquidation accounting study will identify the Company's resources and debts and should eliminate any creditors' concerns. All of the company's assets are turned into cash and dispersed to creditors or allocated to other corporate responsibilities as the liquidation proceeds. The manner the assets are allocated is governed by particular rules. It is critical that the liquidator has access to all pertaining data. The liquidation inspection ensures that the data is correct and thorough.

Following the completion of a firm's liquidation, a post-liquidation assessment may be conducted to ensure that all possessions were appropriately assessed and dispersed. This post-liquidation auditing analysis will assist creditors in understanding what happened and how the money they obtained (if any) from the liquidation were determined. This report will lower the likelihood of a creditor questioning the liquidator's activities.


For what reason is a Liquidation Audit Necessary?

Before any firm may be dissolved in Dubai or any of the Free Zones in Dubai, it must undergo a liquidation audit. When a business closes its operational processes and cancels its license, the Dubai Economic Department (DED), Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), and Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) all necessitate a liquidation audit in their corresponding authoritative areas. The rules for company liquidation and liquidation audits in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Hamriyah Free Zone, and SAIF Zone are quite similar to those in other UAE areas. An approved UAE Audit Agency can be called for up-to-date data on liquidation audit to discover the real needs for a certain location.


For the fastest liquidation inspection of your firm, contact us.

All of the UAE's Free Zones, as well as the DED, have authorized Nadeem & Umendra Chartered Accountants as an Audit Firm and Trustee (Dubai Economic Department). We have more than a decade of expertise providing corporate liquidation solutions in Dubai and throughout the UAE. For further information, kindly feel free to approach us.

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How Can SAP Modify Your Firm's Whole Internal Control?

Prior to the emergence of SAP, businesses operated in an archaic environment which was not only sluggish but also unproductive. SAP will assist you in transforming your business by linking all of your activities throughout the organization. Systems have grown nicer and more synchronized with corporate activities and procedures because to SAP's spatial user interface. It assists the firm in increasing productivity, developing relevant information, and simplifying processes.

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