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Financial Statements Audit

One of our auditors examines will examine your entity's financial statements and associated disclosures during a financial statement audit. The auditor's report attesting to the fairness of the financial statements and related disclosures is the result of this assessment.

Nadeem And Umendra Chartered Accountants, has arisen as among the top audit firm in Dubai UAE, meeting various prerequisites just as requests of its customers working in the UAE and furthermore overall business sectors. As its name highlights on the accepted checklist of auditors of neighborhood banks just as the free zones in the UAE.

Internal Audit

Internal audits assess an organization's internal controls, including its corporate administration and bookkeeping measures. These reviews guarantee consistency with laws and guidelines and help to keep up with exact and opportune monetary announcing and information assortment. Inside reviews likewise give the executives the devices important to achieve functional proficiency by distinguishing issues and revising slips before they are found in an outer review.

We expect to distinguish shortcomings inside the association's cycles and control climate inside and furthermore. We assist you with understanding the job of an inward review, expect the interaction in your next inner review, and stay away from the potential entanglements that can crash an interior review.
Internal audit is an independent and objective assurance and consulting practice designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. 
PD Internal Auditing Services includes a holistic and disciplined approach to creating practical solutions. Our experts focus on  value creation to give you the insight and foresight of your business  to face the future. In addition to providing independent assurance on critical business processes, we strive to be strategic business advisors with a focus on continuous business improvement and helping you  achieve your business goals mine. 

Our internal audit performance will align with IIA's Expertise and Compliance Focused Service Range, including: 

  • Financial audit and accounting 
  • Internal control 
  • Activity Audit 
  • Risk management
Liquidation Audit

Liquidation is the interaction by which a substance changes its resources over to cash or different resources and settles its commitments with banks fully expecting to stop every single working movement. During liquidation, resources not used to settle banks' cases are circulated to the element's proprietors.


Our group of vendors can aid all phases of the organization liquidation measure. Nadeem And Umendra Chartered Accountants routinely go about as outlets for some, organizations hoping to close their business. Our outlets are starting and finishing liquidations in an ideal and suitable way.


We give organization liquidation administrations in Dubai to all the Dubai mainland and free zone organizations in UAE. We are giving organization liquidation administrations to LLC organizations just as sole foundations.

Voluntary Company Liquidation

In the event that the business needs more cash to direct a business or meet the costs, for example, bills and compensations and the organization is continually at misfortune. All things considered; organizations will go for intentional organization liquidation as they need more assets to support in the cutthroat market of UAE.

Mandatory Company Liquidation

On the off chance that an organization disregards the principles and guidelines of the specialists or perpetrates a wrongdoing like misrepresentation or some other genuine offense. The public authority will quickly close the organization and for this situation, compulsory organization liquidation is needed according to the court request.

Organization Liquidation Process
  • As outlets we ordinarily satisfy the accompanying commitments:

  • Get ready and present a vendor's affirmation to important specialists – Appointment of outlets

  • Distribute liquidation ad in any 2 neighborhood papers for 45 days;

  • Acknowledgment of resources;

  • Retraction of agreements and recognizable proof of liabilities;

  • Installment of the multitude of levy like Etisalat and DEWA and other forthcoming costs;

  • Installment of wages and retraction of visas of the relative multitude of workers of the organization

  • Administer the support of bookkeeping records;

  • Shutting of financial balance;

  • Document expense forms (VAT);

  • Accommodation of VAT De-enlistment to Federal Tax Authority (FTA);

  • Get ready and present the report of the vendor to the concerned specialists;

  • Sort out the review of the liquidation and planning organization liquidation review report;

  • Accommodation of the multitude of unique reports to the concerned specialists;

  • Retraction of exchange permit.


During the liquidation interaction, we help the proprietors in gathering their lawful commitments by prompting pragmatic advances vital for the liquidation. We additionally aid the arrangement of a statement of affairs and strengthening data for show to loan bosses and to the specialists.

Sales Certificates

UAE shopping centers have made it mandatory for their retail tenants to present a statement of gross turnover in accordance with the lease agreement. A retail business's gross turnover is the amount of all sales it generates in a given period. After verifying the income/gross sales produced by an element for a specific period, the examiner directs the examination of deals and presents the turnover report.


A review of deals helps the shopping center administration to get an exact monetary image of the business in the shopping centers. It provides them the right guidance to continue as the reviewers in Dubai will give significant experiences and suggestions in the review report. Aside from that, coming up next are the significant advantages of leading a business review in the UAE:


  • An audit of the UAE sales process reveals control deficiencies and provides insight into its sales collection process.

  • The mall management helps ensure the tenant is following the lease agreement with the help of a sales audit.

  • The landlord in Dubai, UAE, can receive assurance of the reported gross sales from retail auditors.

Escrow Accounts Audit

We have prudent abilities to investigate the undertaking's development and its consistency with the pertinent significant laws. We have likewise helped Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in fostering the detailing system of Escrow Accounts reviews for incomplete/under foster land projects.


We have been supported to audit, contemplate and examine the help charges spending plan for the associations to guarantee that it has been arranged attainable according to the current cutthroat market offering.

Owner's Association Audit

Dubai, UAE, keeps on securing itself as an exceptionally pursued city for land speculations, all the while drawing in mortgage holders who have long-haul plans of settling down with families. Notwithstanding the various inspirations for people to possess property in Dubai, financial backers' choices are prevalently affected by comparative reasons. The nation's steady world of politics, positive elements, fabulous framework, and the possibility to keep excellent of living with a worthwhile social scene all advance a fascinating assortment of attractions.


An outcome to colossal amounts of cash put resources into properties each year, there fundamental need to shape an Owner's Association, run by chosen agents, to wisely resolve the issues and issues surfacing from dealing with a gated local area.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

As a result of their extensive evaluation of financial systems, our specialists can identify potential internal control problems and propose effective strategies to establish solid inner controls which will reduce the chances of errors, scams, and omissions, as well as protect company assets.


The proprietors and administrators of small and medium business enterprises, generally family-owned or even privately held, don't have much need for full-time bookkeeping specialists. In addition, it will take a lot of energy to oversee that function. Nadeem & Umendra Chartered Accountants step in to take on the accounting function in such cases, leaving the owner and monitoring free to focus on their enterprise.

VAT Consultancy

In the UAE, VAT experts have been helping organizations to follow VAT guidelines since the introduction of VAT in Dubai in January 2018. Entrepreneurs can achieve successful expense management through tank specialists, which will help them control the VAT surge and monitor working capital. Tank specialists can help the organizations primarily through VAT advisory and VAT compensating services.


Our Bookkeeping Service includes the following key features:

  • Selling and Purchasing processes
  • General Ledger activities publishing
  • Bank Statements
  • Cost Accounting Reports
  • Generation of monthly Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Accounting Records
Managerial Records

Correct accounting systems will provide you with the information required to make intelligent business choices, handle your cash flows effectively, and discover patterns in your business that will help you take your firm ahead.
Included in our Management Reporting Pack:
→ Balance sheet and income statement with associated notes
→ Cash Flow Statement
→ Detail on Administration and Direct Expenses
→ Debtors/Creditors analysis
→ Inventories analysis

Preparing for an audit

Preparation for the end of the year may be a time-consuming process. We can create year-end statutory financial statements for audit, as well as lead schedule of balance sheet accounts in preparations for audit. Keeping in touch with your auditors to guarantee a seamless audit conclusion.

Accounting Supervision

We secure financial transactions by overseeing and approving accounting processing, recording and reporting by senior staff.
Key features of our accounting supervision services include:
We streamline your accounting and administrative systems in a professional way
Meet accounting and financial standards by providing annual budget information to the accounting department; expenditure monitoring; identify gaps; take corrective actions
Maintain cash flow by monitoring bank balances and cash flow requirements; surplus fund investment
Approve disbursement by verifying check amount against invoice, check authorization and wire transfer
Accomplish accounting and organizational tasks by completing related results as needed

Company Formation

As a professional company with a regional focus, the PD's scope of services covers all aspects of doing business in the UAE. Based in the UAE, we provide comprehensive services for setting up a company in Dubai, UAE including all types of licenses.

The types of companies that can be created are: 

  • Limited Liability Company 
  • Professional company 
  • Free zone companies 
  • Overseas companies 
  • Visa Freelance License