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An audit is a procedure in which a Professional Audit Firm that is independent of the company examines a company and its records. As a consequence of the audit, the auditors give their Audit Report. A company's audited financial statements comprise the following components:
Audited Financial Statements' Components 

1. Report of the Director 
2. Report of the Auditor 
3. Financial Position Statement 
4. Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income
5. Statement of Changes in Equity 
6. Cash Flow Statement 
7. Financial Statement Notes include major accounting rules and other disclosures to assist readers in better understanding the financial data.


What are we going to do? 

1. Accounting entries must be completed. 
2. Submission of year-end journal entries and adjustments, such as accruals and prepayments 
3. Completion of the trial balance 
4. Create schedules for the following account heads: 
a) fixed assets, 
b) intangible assets, 
c) investment properties, and 
d) any other non-current investments such as equity shares. 
e) Inventory, receivables, and payables aging study 
f) Geographical analysis of receivables and revenue 
g) List of stock and inventories held 
h) Inventory NRV schedule 
i) Party wise list of receivable and payables
j) Prepayment, advance, and other receivables schedules 
k) Gratuity and leave salary calculation schedules in accordance with UAE labor regulation 
l) Schedules of other payables and accumulated expenditures 
m) Revenue and purchase analysis by month 
n) Bank revenue turnover schedule 
o) Month-by-month review of direct and indirect expenditures

5. Preparation of IFRS-compliant draft financial statements (International Financial Reporting Standards) 
6. Complete collaboration with external auditors in meeting and supplying audit criteria.


We teach our employees to the highest professional and ethical standards of accounting and audit preparation, so our customers are always completely satisfied with fast statutory audit completion, which relieves them of their reporting responsibilities within the specified period. Our significant emphasis on continual development offers us an advantage in providing our clients with excellent and efficient accounting and audit preparation services.


The Benefits of Using Our Audit Preparation Services 

1. Inadequate preparation for the year-end statutory audit by a professional accountant or finance team 
2. The absence of accounts for the year-end audit, for which we may provide accounting services through our qualified professional accountants. 
3. Lack of adequate accounting software to create reports for year-end financial audits, for which our professional consultants can give you with the best accounting software solution. 
4. Oversight of the whole audit preparation process by competent and dedicated Partners to optimize efficiency.
5. Our strategic connection with a recognized audit firm in the UAE, which is registered with all banks, free zones, and government offices in the UAE, gives you additional power when employing our audit preparation services.