Accounting Services for Restaurants 

In today's intensely competitive business climate, most organizations in the restaurant and hospitality sector seek out various ways to increase the efficiency of their company operations while also lowering their financial outlay, without sacrificing client experience or quality. As a restaurant owner, you may find it tedious and time-consuming to manage personnel, ensure that your clients are pleased and satisfied, deal with vendors, and set aside some time to guarantee that your accounting are right and accurate.


Nadeem And Umendra Chartered Accountants offers high-quality restaurant accounting and bookkeeping services in both free zones and the UAE's mainland. Our staff of skilled accountants and bookkeepers understands what you require to keep your business running well, particularly financially. At Nadeem And Umendra Chartered Accountants, we have trained accounting and financial specialists that help us provide pre-occupied restaurant and franchise owners with business solutions that will not only help them survive in such a competitive business market, but flourish by attaining tremendous success!

Restaurant and franchise owners can benefit from our accounting services. 

Nadeem And Umendra Chartered Accountants offers our clients high-quality accounting services such as the following: 

  • Setting up the accounting system and the chart of accounts (in the event of a new business); 
  • Daily recording of business transactions (sales, purchases, journals, etc.) in compliance with appropriate accounting rules and principles; 
  • Allocation of revenues and payments in accordance with invoices; 
  • Creating a bank reconciliation statement either weekly or monthly; 
  • Coordination with the auditor for the external audit of financial accounts; 
  • Budgeting and forecasting; 
  • Creating monthly management reports that emphasize crucial areas for development, such as ways to increase corporate efficiency; 
  • Monthly extraction of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement;
  • Preparing general ledger reconciliations; Extracting monthly expense reports; 
  • Separately categorizing revenue from food and beverages. 
  • Reconciliation of daily sales and cash deposits, POS, credit card statement, and internet sales; 
  • Comprehensive financial reports (including operational and financial ratios, among other things); 
  • Backup and storage of data files; 
  • Configuring the Payroll System; 
  • Payroll review and processing 
  • Preparing reconciliations of accounts receivable and payable; 
  • Management of aged payables (creditors); Management of aged receivables (debtors);
  • A professionally certified Partner will analyze your financials on a monthly basis. 
  • Monthly account presentation to assist you better understand your financial situation and performance; 
  • Assisting with the filing of VAT returns 
  • Creating any reconciliations that may be requested by external auditors 
  • Collaboration with other departments; 
  • Point-of-Sale 
  • Analysis of Ratios; Break-even Analysis (if asked); 
  • Report on labor, food, and beverage paper percentages; 
  • Any other reports that the restaurant or franchise owner(s) may demand; and 
  • Excellent client service.

Accounting Applications and Services 

We support a variety of accounting software and solutions, including the following: 

  •  SAP
  • Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software;
  • Zoho Accounting Software;
  • Sage Accounting Software;
  • Xero Accounting Software;
  • Quickbooks Accounting Software and many more.

As a result, we can claim competence in the majority of accounting systems and solutions used by firms operating in various industries all over the world. Furthermore, our highly educated and trained accounting specialists not only assure timely accounting solution installation but also give client staff with an opportunity to learn something new.