Real Estate Companies

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Real Estate Firms 

The real estate business has proven to be one of the world's largest direct economic contributors. You have the reputation of being major GDP growth initiators as real estate owners, but is the trip easy? Certainly not! 

You are constantly challenged to: 


  • Reduce your operational and capital expenses, improve your cash flow, and boost your profitability. 
  • Combat harsh market competition, and most importantly, MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNTING AND BOOKKEEPING.

You require an accounting service provider who is client-focused, understands common real estate finance issues, and recommends simple accounting solutions. 


Nadeem And Umendra Chartered Accountants has a long experience of managing real estate accounting properly and consistently, enabling real estate agents and businesses meet their stated goals and business objectives, because 


“While you run the real estate part of the business, we focus on simplifying the accounting side.”


Why is Accurate Accounting Required in the Real Estate Industry? 

As a real estate firm, you concentrate on your core expertise, which is Real Estate Management and Growth. However, you may be surprised to learn that the success of your real estate firm is closely related to structured, timely, and finished accounting. 

Are you a property owner who is experiencing any of the following issues? 

  • Difficulty in comparing year-to-year increase.
  • Unable to monitor important performance metrics such as profit/loss, cash flows, and net worth. 
  • When confronted with cash mismanagement.
  • Incapable of analyzing rental properties based on performance.
  • Faced with the challenge of filing tax returns on time.
  • Unable to claim valid tax breaks.
  • Experiencing extra time and worry as a result of tax authorities' audits. 
  • Incapable of meeting financial responsibilities or paying debts on schedule. 
  • Inability to attract funds from lenders and partners using prior performance data.
  • Your accountants are continuously providing incorrect information, and you have no way of knowing if your company tactics are successful or not.

To address all of these issues, the only successful strategy is... good accounting and bookkeeping for your firm

You require the services of an accounting company to assist you in managing:

  • Complex tax arrangements, tax difficulties at the local level
  • Property values that are accurate,
  • Provide cost-effective financing options for all types of assets.
  • Property depreciation that is accurate.
  • Make plans for cooperative enterprises.
  • Assist with the purchase or sale of real estate.
  • Manage your entire accounting and suggest appropriate treatments in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.

We can assist you in improving the operational efficiency of your Real Estate Company by providing tailor-made solutions and in-depth expertise and experience in real estate accounting from any location of the world.

What Will We Cover in the Real Estate Accounting?

We have been assisting real estate business owners for decades in elevating their firm via smart accounting and financial management. With our multi-domain industry knowledge, we are accustomed to setting up accounts for high-level financial reporting. The following are the major components of our services:

  • Scratch to End Accounting
  • Implementation of Accounting and CRM Software
  • Tax Compliance
  • Reporting

Why should you use Push Digits Chartered Accountants?
We are one of just a few accounting firms, along with the Big Four, that offer specialized real estate accounting solutions. Among our real estate clientele are:

  • Property firms
  • Service providers
  • Construction firms
  • Landowners
  • Engineering firms
  • Developers
  • Homebuilders
  • Individual estate owners
  • Owners' organizations