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Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ) is an commercial hub for production corporations running withinside the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The manner for the established order of the stated loose quarter became initiated thru an Emiri decree issued on 12 November 1995. Located in Sharjah, It is one of the fastest-developing loose zones withinside the United Arab Emirates because of its connectivity with the alternative emirates, favorable commercial enterprise policies, green regulatory measures along with the requirement of monetary audit for registered corporations from HFZA authorized auditors. The purpose of Hamriyah Free Zone is to be dynamic and bendy to house companies running in exceptional industries at the same time as retaining its fame as an investor-pleasant loose quarter.
Hamriyah Freezone Sharjah affords companies with an possibility to carry out their operations in a tax-loose surroundings with complete business enterprise ownership, exemptions from the repatriation of capital and income in addition to all different industrial charges. 
Each loose quarter withinside the UAE is run via way of means of a neighborhood authority this is accountable for regulating all of the commercial enterprise entities which are running their commercial enterprise sports in the loose quarter areas. The reason of such an expert is to make certain that the surroundings for companies in the loose quarter is properly regulated and controlled. Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, the regulator of this specific loose quarter, regulates and video display units all of the Hamriyah loose quarter corporations.

Why is an Audit required in the Hamriyah Free Zone? 

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) has placed independent auditors on the list of HFZ approved auditors for all companies operating in the free zone, and the annual financial statements are a true and fair view. created in accordance with  applicable laws and regulations. 
In accordance with the laws and regulations  in force at HFZ, the company's financial statements  must be approved by the directors and signed by or on behalf of the directors. 
Nadeem & Umendra Chartered Accountant is one of the auditors approved by HFZA to conduct audits of companies registered with HFZA. Our auditors have a very relevant and well-founded experience in conducting audits of HFZ registered companies. Given the minimum required documentation for our team, we have a solid track record of completing these audits relatively quickly and efficiently. 
Only auditing companies approved by HFZ are allowed to conduct external audits of companies operating in  HFZ. To stay on the list of HFZ Certified Auditors, the auditing company must prove to the Free Zone Authority that its employees have up-to-date knowledge of changing accounting and auditing standards.