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No organization can ever have a completely perfect method. Every existing firm is vulnerable to loss and failure in this era of global links. High-stakes cases involving fraud, corruption, accounting errors, employee bribery, coordinated deceit by management, and compliance difficulties are frequently supported by trust, credibility, and resources. These critical issues have enveloped the majority of the firms, culminating in a disastrous finale, resulting in: 

Value depreciation 
Litigations are expensive. 
The danger to operational continuity 
Unauthorized utilization 
Reputational harm 
Misappropriation of a company's valuable assets

As a result, 'trust but check' is your only option! 


What exactly is a Forensic Audit? 

Forensic auditing/accounting is the process of investigating probable fraud or other criminal activities using the company's accounting data. Such services aid in the examination and assessment of a company's accounting records and financial information, which may then be utilized in legal actions if necessary. Companies perform forensic audits in order to sue individuals who have been convicted of fraud, robbery, or other financial malfeasance. 

Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants is the ONLY audit business in the UAE and the Middle East that can show you how forensic audits are used for more than only litigation, but also for early detection of fraud and abuse of your company's assets, right under your nose!

Why Is It Necessary to Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants for Fraud Examination/Forensic Accounting? 

We have over a decade of expertise conducting fraud examinations in a variety of businesses. Our knowledgeable staff of fraud examiners has in-depth expertise and experience in accounting and auditing from beginning to end, assuring complete coverage of your books. The following are some of the topics we cover: 

  • In-depth examination of financial data down to the double entry level 
  • Staff interviews have been highlighted for further examination. 
  • A thorough examination of the supporting materials in light of the nature of the task 
  • Forensic investigation for asset recovery and fund tracing 
  • Reports produced as a result of analysis 
  • Produce analytical data for legal procedures. 
  • Corporate investigations are conducted. 
  • Due diligence is required. 
  • Compliance with anti-corruption laws and investigations 
  • Services in forensic technology 
  • Disputes over financial reporting 
  • Act Against False Claims 
  • Fraud detection and prevention 
  • Regulatory adherence
What exactly is an internal audit?
Our Forensic Accounting Methodologies 

Push Digits employs qualified forensic accountants who have received extensive training in forensic audit methodologies as well as the legality of accounting concerns. Our fraud investigators operate on the premise that: 

'There is another detail in every detail.' 
This in-house training has made us one of the very few Auditing firms in the UAE capable of scrutinizing the smallest of details and detecting even the most well-hidden scams.

Our fraud assessment techniques involve the following steps: 

  • Planning the Investigation
  • Collecting Evidence 
  • Techniques for Collecting Evidence 
  • Reporting 
  • Suggestions
  • Proceedings in Court

The Advantages of Using Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants for Forensic Audits 

Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants is by far the only accounting company in the UAE that understands that forensic auditing is much more than just a response to litigation. An annual Forensic audit allows a company's management to anticipate weaknesses in internal controls and loss due to financial statement theft. 

We assist our clients in anticipating, detecting, and responding to risks and vulnerabilities, therefore averting future losses and damages. 

The following are some of the advantages of hiring us for forensic audits in the UAE:
Rates that are affordable 
High-quality service at an affordable price. 
Data Safety 

We have a long history of adhering to stringent data security procedures. We make certain that your sensitive information is always protected and safe. 

Quick turn-around 

Our professional team of detectives works quickly and expertly to provide you with fast and accurate results. 
Techniques & Technology of the Future 
Our staff employs some of the most advanced tools and processes, allowing them to analyze every aspect and produce the most precise findings. No fraud, misbehavior, or control flaw has ever escaped the notice of our investigators! 
High-Quality Education 

Every member of our team is well-trained and equipped with specific expertise to deal with complicated issues and achieve our objectives.

Monitoring Assistance
Our forensic audit team will assist you in keeping a tight watch on your staff, monitoring their actions, and keeping a careful eye on your company's operations. This will allow you to assess hazards to your company's success and act quickly. 

Workforce Specialization 
We have a highly skilled team of auditors, accountants, fraud detectives, forensic examiners, CPAs, and other professionals with considerable expertise and knowledge, which leads to a better conclusion. Our expert personnel enables us to deliver all of these services under our integrated professional services umbrella, whether it is accounting services, tax advice, business formation or company liquidation, ERP installation, or forensic audit. 

Client Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days 

We are always here to help, offering our loyal customers unending support and forensic knowledge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Ongoing Support 

Our staff will give continuing help, advice, and direction to ensure that your business functions effectively and without concern for the foreseeable future.

Who Requires a Forensic Audit in the UAE?

What if we told you that you might successfully avoid future unknown losses?

HOW? Through meticulous, in-depth examinations known as forensic audits.

If you own a business and want to transform complex issues into:

  • possibilities for resiliency
  • long-term benefit
  • control and good governance

You will undoubtedly require the assistance and guidance of reputable and competent accounting companies in order to take efforts toward anti-corruption, accountability, and asset recovery, allowing you to gain the trust of the public and international investors.

If your firm wants to raise the bar in the following areas:

  • Transparency
  • adequate internal controls and
  • frameworks for controlling corruption and fraud risks

All you need is Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants Forensic Audit Services to help you apply best practices and applicable technology to avoid and identify mistake and unethical behavior, eventually leading to success.

Our highly experienced staff of forensic accountants have exceptional analytical, perceptive, and deductive talents, allowing them to establish the facts, gather and preserve evidence, help recoveries, and set the groundwork for criminal or civil action.