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External testing is mandatory in the Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ), one of the most important free zones  in the Emirate of Fujairah. Located next to Fujairah International Airport and Fujairah Port, the Fujairah Free Zone provides unparalleled opportunities and services for start-ups and established businesses. Companies operating in the Fujairah Free Zone also have weekly feeder vessels to all ports in the Red Sea,  Arabian Gulf, Pakistan, Iran and India. Mainline service for industrial vehicles from North America, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Far East arrives weekly, with services running once a week in North America and twice a week in the Far East. 
The Fujairah Free Zone provides easy access to the world's major sea routes, along with  streamlined procedures and processes, as well as international airports and beautiful ports. All of these features and equipment make  FFZ an ideal place for business. 

Benefits of doing business in the Fujairah Free Zone 

Companies doing business in the FFZ can enjoy the following benefits: 
Complete tax exemption for corporate and personal taxes 
Cheap labor 
100% foreign ownership 
There are no restrictions on the repatriation of capital 
There are no restrictions on the employment of foreigners in the Fujairah Free Zone 

The Fujairah Free Zone Authority has appointed auditors on the list of FFZA Approved Auditors to all business units operating in FFZ to report on the financial and operational aspects of the business, and  the company's financial information is true. It is a  fair view and is created in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. Push Digits Chartered Accountants are FFZ-approved auditors who can conduct external audits of companies registered with FFZ. 

External Audit Requirement for Companies Registered in Fujairah Free Zone

FFZA requires companies registered with FFZ to conduct business activities similar to the annual financial statements audited annually by FFZ approved auditors for the following reasons:

  • The company registered in FFZ complies with the applicable regulations.Complies with laws and regulations.
  • External audits ensure that FFZA is prepared and prepared in accordance with the accounting standards to which the company's annual financial statements apply and that the company is not involved in any illegal activity.
  • Audit reports from auditors approved by the FFZ give stakeholders of the company confidence that the information disclosed and presented in the company's finances can be trusted in important business decisions
Approved Auditors in Fujairah Free Zone

Only auditing companies approved by FFZA can conduct annual audits of companies registered with FFZA. FFZA has its own standards and procedures for issuing approvals to the auditing firms of the auditing firms operating in FFZ. In order for an audit firm to maintain its position as an authorized auditor for FFZ, it must prove to FFZA that its employees are updating their knowledge and skills through changes in accounting and auditing standards, as well as methods.