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The Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is one of the oldest and most famous free zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). AFZ was founded in 1988 and is located at the entrance to the Arabian Gulf as a strategic business ecosystem in the Emirate of Ajman. It is a magnet for foreign companies and investors  looking for tax exemption destinations for  their business activities. 
The AFZ provides companies registered in the Free Zone with easy access to the eastern and western markets. It also provides access to the port of Ajman, which is operated by more than 1000 vessels each year. This means that AFZ registered companies have easy access to 4 ports and 2 international airports. The Ajman Free Zone has also expanded into the e-commerce industry by signing a contract with the Ajman Free Zone between noon to provide  licensing services to e-commerce startups. 

Nadeem & Umendra Chartered Accountant is one of the Ajman Free Zone Certified Auditors, providing Ajman Free Zone Audit Services to a variety of clients. Our auditors are Certified Public Accountants, ACCA, CPA, and thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field of auditing, we can conduct and complete audits in the most efficient way on time. 

Why does Ajman Free Zone Company need Audit Services? 

Companies operating at AFZ should audit books for the following reasons: 

The Audit Report provides  AFZA and other stakeholders with all the information it may need to ensure that companies within AFZ comply with all  applicable laws and regulations. 

External audits ensure that the company's shareholders and other stakeholders are producing financial reports in accordance with all  applicable accounting standards. 

The audit report also ensures AFZA and the shareholders of the company that the annual financial statements are complete and accurate and that  the company does not withhold information. 

The audit report also reassures the company's shareholders and  other stakeholders  that the information contained in the company's financial statements is reliable in making strategic business decisions.